Should I Take Opioids For My Worker's Comp Injury?

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Getting hurt or injured on the job is never fun or easy to deal with. But, what makes it harder is not having any sort of guidance in regard to your treatment plan or how your treatment will affect your Worker's Comp claim. Keep reading to learn more about what to do if you find yourself injured on the job with little to no current guidance for next steps.

I Live In Louisiana And Was Hurt On The Job. Now What?

Attempting to pay medical bills out of pocket when faced with an untimely accident or injury can increase the stress around the entire event. Not just for you, but for your family as well. If you were injured on the job, it is important for you to know your options in regard to initiating a worker's comp claim. This can be a major step in the right direction in order to ensure that you can afford the proper treatment to return to your healthy status quo.

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What Does My Diagnosis Have To Do With The Rest Of My Healing Journey?

Seeking medical attention for an injury is often the best option with the intention of returning to work as soon as possible, but navigating the medical field, along with all of the different specialties and sub-specialties can seem overwhelming.

And, more than likely, if diagnosed with chronic pain, your physician may prescribe opioid medication or other pain killers to help alleviate the pain sustained from your injury. Yet, with the national opioid epidemic currently booming, it can seem scary when deciding whether opioids are the best choice for you in the short term, while continuously thinking about not needing them in the long term. This can be particularly problematic if you or a family member has had trouble with addiction or other medial products in the past. 

These fears and questions should absolutely be brought up to your physician so that you two can collaborate on the best possible treatment plan for you moving forward. Do not attempt to navigate these dangerous decisions alone, without the help of a licensed medical practitioner.


I Have Tried Filing A Worker's Comp Claim After My Injury But I Was Unsuccessful

If you have been hurt on the job and have been denied when attempting to file your worker's comp claim, you should seek an experienced Louisiana Worker's Comp Lawyer immediately.

Attempting to file these claims alone could be just as futile as attempt to go about your medical journey without a doctor's oversight.

If you are looking for expert Louisiana Comp guidance, click below and ask how we can help.


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